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Bridging Weak Links of Solid Waste Management in Informal Settlements
Gutberlet, Jutta; Kain, Jaan-Henrik; Nyakinya, Belinda; Oloko, Michael; Zapata, Patrik; Zapata Campos, María José
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed, 2016

Coping With Paradoxical Demands Through an Organizational Climate of Perceived Organizational Support. : an Empirical Study Among Workers in Construction and Mining Industry
Törner, Marianne; Pousette, Anders; Larsman, Pernilla; Hemlin, Sven
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed, 2016

History, Historicism and Historical Anthropology: Reflections on a Chinese Case
Aijmer, Göran
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed, 2016

Writ in Water: Ancestry among Cantonese Boat Populations
Aijmer, Göran
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed, 2016

Risk association: towards a linguistically informed framework for analysing risk in discourse
Boholm, Max
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed, 2016

Risk association: towards a linguistically informed framework for analysing risk in discourse
Boholm, Max
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed, 2016

Accounting for biodiversity
Rimmel, Gunnar
Article - bookreview, 2016

Can changes to gender equality be sustained?
Eriksson-Zetterquist, Ulla; Renemark, David
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed, 2016

Performativity of social sciences as seen by an organization scholar
Czarniawska, Barbara
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed, 2016

Marknadsföring i cyberrymden - William Gibsons värld
Czarniawska, Barbara
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed, 2016

Acting on distances: A topology of accounting inscriptions
Corvellec, Hervé; Ek, Richard; Zapata, Patrik; Zapata Campos, María José
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed, 2016

Feminismo sotto la bandiera USA? Ricette locali contro le discriminazioni
Czarniawska, Barbara
Journal/newspaper article, 2016

Finansutbildning i marknadens tjänst
Ohlsson, Claes
Journal/newspaper article, 2016

Socio-environmental entrepreneurship and the provision of critical services in informal settlements
Gutberlet, Jutta; Kain, Jaan-Henrik; Nyakinya, Belinda; Ochieng, Dickens; Odhiambo, Nicholas; Oloko, Michael; Omolo, John; Ozondi, Elvis; Otieno, Silas; Zapata, Patrik; Zapata Campos, María José
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed, 2016

Look What's Back! Institutional Complexity, Reversibility and the Knotting of Logics
Goodrick, Elizabeth; Reay, Trish; Delmestri, Giuseppe; Nicolini, Davide; Lindberg, Kajsa; Adolfsson, Petra
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed, 2016

A Definition Framework for the Terms Nanomaterial and Nanoparticle
Boholm, Max; Arvidsson, Rickard
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed, 2016

Akut brist på lärare i ekonomi på universiteten
Beck, Alexander; Brännström, Dan; Eriksson-Zetterquist, Ulla; Hellman, Niclas; Marton, Jan; Silver, Lars; Tagesson, Torbjörn
Journal/newspaper article, 2016

The concepts of risk, safety, and security: Applications in everyday language
Boholm, Max; Möller, Niklas; Hansson, Sven Ove
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed, 2016

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